The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks

The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks - I'm not rating this book because I didn't get far enough into it. I had to stop when it hit one of my rage buttons.The book started out cute enough...for the first two pages. I was honestly interested in finding out what the Canned Beet Rebellion was. I wanted to know. And then we got into the meat of the story was just such a hodge-podge of really good messages, kind of creepy messages, and "quirky" writing. I was willing to forgive the writing, because it may have been bad, but at least it was a very teenager sort of bad and that never hurt anyone. (But I'm serious. It was all over the place and half the time it was doing something "funny" just for the excuse of saying "Look how funny I am!")And then...and then...and then Frankie went to a party.And the book straight-up told us that "going out and drinking" parties are "masculine" in nature and that all girls do one of three things:1. Hate it and avoid it, thereby being "marginalized" into doing such "feminine" things as staying home and baking deserts.2. Hate it and attend anyway, so they can get the attention/social life, but they complain the whole time.3. Hate it but act like they enjoy it so they can gain the "respect" of the boys.Yes, that's right. This book tells young girls that IN ORDER TO HAVE ANY WORTH AT ALL YOU HAVE TO SUBVERT WHAT YOU WANT TO DO AND ACT JUST LIKE A BOY. If you act like a girl, then you'll be "put in the kitchen" and "expected to have dinner waiting" and it will be your own fault.Apparently it's just not possible to be a girl, act "girly," and then demand that people still respect you for your own choices and personality.Nope, according to this book, you just absolutely cannot be respected if you like "feminine" things and if you decide to avoid drunk parties and stay at home with a few friends and a movie, then you get what you've got coming to you.And that's why I threw the book across the room and said "fuck that shit."And you know what else? Fuck the book for not having the missing option #4: Actually liking such parties and honestly enjoying it without having to "aggressively embrace" the "masculinity" of the event. I might come back to this book later and find out about the "criminal mastermind" that supposedly is Frankie Landau-Banks, but considering the size of my TBR pile, it won't be any time soon.