Prophecy - This book was very...abrupt. Things had a tendency to just happen, out of the blue, with no rhyme or reason and with no build up. They get word that someone is invading a few hundred miles away, then the viewpoint character leaves for a couple days, and when she comes back the whole capitol city is taken over. Done deal, fat lady has sung, end of the matter, it's over. Boom. It's just a whole book of stuff like that happening. On top of being very abrupt, it was all extremely overblown, too. People didn't just fear Kira, they called her names to her face and spit at her and cried out at her very presence. (Out of curiosity, why would you openly insult someone you believe to be a fire-spitting fox demon?) They don't just look down on her for being female, not, they scoff at her and call her names and say "get back in the kitchen." Yeah, it's that blunt. I couldn't take any of her adversary seriously because I was too busy rolling my eyes. Hey, author, misogyny is a bit more complicated than that, but congrats on pointing out that we shouldn't be called 'stupid creatures' to our faces.Speaking of misogyny, maybe try not to explicitly state that every single female except your main character is a simpering, feather-brained moron who's good for nothing but to look pretty. (Not making that up or exaggerating; Kira really says that. She also calls all females weak.)The whole book is just so simple. The plot is simple, the characters are simple, the motivations are simple, the writing is simple. There's crazy amounts of telling and characters that will just stand up and deliver backstory and motivation like a soliloquy. Nothing about it ever feels real or natural. I thought the world might save it. I picked it up thinking "Yay, Korea!" Nope. Like so much else, this is just Stock Fantasy World #230943284 with Korean names for things pasted on. It doesn't feel like a different culture so much as it feels like high school with hanboks. Where's the complicated social structures to determine superiors, the different forms of address for different people, the dedication to family, the incredible merit-based values system, all the things that make Korean culture awesome and different? If you took the italicized words out of this novel, no one would have a clue it was supposed to be different.