A Discovery of Witches (All Souls Trilogy #1)

A Discovery of Witches (All Souls Trilogy #1) - Oi, vey, what a snooze fest. This book is 500 pages of pure exposition. NOTHING HAPPENS. The 'climax' of this book is just the two main characters handing out Halloween candy before getting ready to take a trip. Really. That's the climax of the novel. It is the rising action of a better novel, but padded out into 43 chapters of domestic activity. The whole thing reads like the OCD notes of particularly dull stalker. It followes the main characters through every moment of their lives, every yoga class, every glass of wine, every pointless activity to waste time. There's pages and pages of backstory and 'cute' banter and descriptions. It's fluff. It's all pure fluff and filler. There's very little that actually happens in this book, and what does happen is pretty head-bangingly stupid. The 'villains' in this novel read about as nuanced and intelligent as Captain Planet bad guys.The cliches are so overwhelming that they physically hurt me. And tucking in between all the failed worldbuilding, bullshit history, and descriptions of clothes, there's a chuck-ton of misogyny. If you want a detailed description of exactly why this book is so awful, there's a chapter by chapter review on my blog. If you can get through it. Even in summary, it's just so dull.