Shatter Me

Shatter Me - Tahereh Mafi See the chapter x chapter review on my blog.This book doesn't have a plot; it has a series of actions that pop up any time the romance needs to be cockblocked. There's no sense in this book that anyone is working towards anything or that we're supposed to be curious and discover stuff along with them. We're just supposed to wait for the next bit of exposition to tell us something, which by the way, will have absolutely no lead-in at all. New characters, concepts, and events are introduced late in the book with no hint that we should have expected something to come, so it always feels more like a blindsided slap than a reveal. I hesitate to say that the writing is atrocious, because it was done on purpose, so I'll say instead that it was ineffective. If we presume that it was done to show Juliette as "off balance" or not quite connected to reality, it doesn't. It makes her feel like an emo-teenager writing poetry while hopped up on Red Bull. She never has an trouble distinguishing what's going on from fantasy, and her actions and thoughts are never disordered or false. As a means of showing her mental state, the writing does nothing, because her mental state is fine. Her narration is a mess, but she's perfectly sane.And as to the worldbuilding, characters, and concepts in this novel? Well...the scientists and doctors in this world discovered a girl who can kill people by touching them and decided to try and cure that with "pills," then put her in a mental institution when they couldn't. They thought that murder-hands wasn't worth alerting the media and studying; they just called her crazy and tried to fix it, even though they knew the magic touch thing wasn't in her imagination. Thinking about how many plot holes and complete lapses in logic are in that single paragraph.Now multiply it by 50 chapters.That's this book.