City of Glass (Mortal Instruments)

City of Glass - Cassandra Clare Spoilerific review on my blog.This book is just more of the same for this series. Clary continues to be useless (her participation in saving her mother could be replaced by a mailman) and all the protagonist-centered morality takes off like a rocket. If you are not a main character in this novel, then your life is basically worthless and no one will care about you. Even though we go to Idris in this novel (the 'home' of the Shadowhunters), we learn very little about them, and I still have no idea how their culture and government are set up. The ending is very slapped together and makes no sense. Basically two groups of people don't want to fight together because they hate each other, Clary finds a way to bind the groups with magic, and...that somehow means they don't hate each other any more?So the argument is:“We don’t want to be allied with those dirty-blooded Downworlders!”“Well, I can make you extra-extra tied to them.”“Okay!”???There's a million holes in this book, not just in relation to the series, but within the book itself. The only good thing I can even begin to say about it is that at least everything gets wrapped up nicely, but then the author decided to go and destroy that as well by tacking on another three books to the ending.