Elemental - There's not much to say about this book. It was just so utterly dull. For a book that had that amount of action, I feel like nothing happened. What we know at the end of the book isn't much more than what we know at the beginning. So many questions are brought up, and only a couple of them are answered. People keep secrets just for the sake of keeping secrets, and out of spite that other people are keeping secrets, which doesn't really make for an enjoyable read. I'm not wondering "why aren't they telling" because I know the reason will be "because the author said so." And there's really nothing else going on to hold my interest. The characters are all dull, what we see of the world isn't interesting (because all the interesting bits are withheld), and the few bits of mystery frustrated me instead of interested me. I really didn't care, because I knew it would all be solved once the right people got over themselves and had a simple conversation. Really, that's all it would take. And that's boring.