The Lost Gate (Mither Mages Series #1)

The Lost Gate - Orson Scott Card I wanted to like this book. I really did. It started out so good that I couldn't put it down at bedtime. It had interesting mysteries and characters, and the main protagonist was actually intelligent and figuring things out on his own.And then, about halfway through the book, it's like the author just gave up. There was no story anymore, just pages upon pages upon pages of characters sitting around and talking. It wasn't even interesting talking. They were trying to figure out how Danny's magic worked, but instead figuring it out they just spent several pages at a time expounding on theories that had no bearing. Theories which couldn't be proven one way or another and which, even if true, wouldn't have affected Danny's ability to do magic. It was just hundreds of pages of an author showing off that he was oh-so-smart and could come up with cool ideas, even though he couldn't make those cool ideas relevant to the story.And there is so much snark in this book. Everyone person in here is a snarky character, and they all snark in exactly the same way. And they spend pages and pages doing just that, and for no reason. Again, just to show off that the author could write it. I'm really not impressed by an author who can write stuff but can't find a good narrative to put his stuff in.The ending was rushed and weak and obviously a set-up for a sequel. The whole book could have been edited down to several hundred pages less and used as the first act of a much better book, rather than stuffed full of padding in order to make a series. Such a shame for a book that started off so well.