Starters - Lissa Price I wanted to like this book, I really did. But the world in it was just so utterly lazy, I had trouble getting into the 'plot.' When I did get into the plot, the plot made no sense. This author doesn't have a basic understanding of economics (if all the people 20-60 died, the remainder would be SCREAMING to have older teens put in the work force, because they would suddenly be short a few billion workers) or sociology (again, if all the adults died, the remaining 60+ people wouldn't be letting the orphaned kids roam the streets, because that right there is future of the planet starving to death. Hello!) or...well, anything authors need a basic understanding of if they plan on creating a fictional society. There's no sense of there being anything in this world except for the extremely wealthy and the homeless poor, and the world just doesn't work that way. In this book Bad things are Uber Bad, because...just because, and Good things are Good...again, just because. The 'plot' consists of an assassination attempt when the assassination wouldn't make any difference. (The instigator of this plot is filthy rich and could just buy her way onto the 6 o'clock news, tell her story, and get the bad guy shut down that way. Whereas killing him wouldn't get rid of his business.) The other plot, the romance, is painfully dull, and the 'twist' ending makes the entire romance moot...but the main girl is still in love with him anyway? Even though it wasn't really him she was interacting with throughout the whole book? What?The only positive thing I can say about this book is that Callie wasn't all bad. She was still reactive, but she wasn't quite as dull, listless, or mean-spirited as many female characters in this genre. And the writing was fairly decent.