Sandman Slim (Sandman Slim Series #1)

Sandman Slim - Richard Kadrey This book certainly had style. It was fun and fascinating and kept my attention throughout. The first-person narration had a very snarky, Buffy-speak-esque-ness to it that was a hoot and a half to read through, and a lot of the magical items and images were both unique and vivid. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Having said that, I can't quite decide if it was a good book or not. It feels more like one of those books that either you love it or you hate it, and I was fortunate enough to love it. The narration is fun and flippant, but there's times where it goes too far. For instance, things are described through funny similes most of the time, using comparisons one wouldn't usually think of. And that is in the book's favor sometimes, but falls horribly flat at other times. There is one instance where a character is said to cross the room "like a teacher about to take glue from a kid who sniffed it one too many times.", frantically? Annoyed? Fearful of a lawsuit? Taking her time and hoping the kid finally croaks and leaves her alone? It's a funny line, but it doesn't actually tell me much.Also, leave Chekhov's Gun at the door when you read this book. There's a lot of detail in here, and 90% of it is just set dressing. There were plenty of things in here that were dwelled on so much when first introduce that I was sure they'd make a comeback, but they never did.And then there's that ending. The majority of this book is a straight-up revenge plot, with Stark trying to kill the guys who sent him to hell. Alright, awesome, I'm on board! But in the last 60 pages or so, suddenly we veer off into a plot to save the world evil not-angels. Uh...okay. It was fair enough scene and certainly interesting, but it was the ending of a completely different book than the one I'd bee reading. For all it was exciting in its own right, I found myself getting bored because I wasn't invested in that plot. I was invested in the revenge plot. At least we did get back around to that one, as well, so the side-track into save-the-world was just a minor detour.If those few things I mentioned wouldn't bother you, then Sandman Slim is definitely worth checking out.