Eve and Adam

Eve and Adam - If you don't think that genetic manipulation is inherently evil, this book probably isn't for you. I'm not sure if this is the authors' prejudices showing through, or if some actual justification got lost in the sea of romance cliches, but that's what happened. The evil scientists are evil for wanting to perfect the cloning process and...yeah, that's it. There's some mention of 'freakshow' experiments, but they're relatively mild. A girl with a face on her back? Well, she's floating in a vat. Is she really a girl, or is she a human-shaped pile of meat with all the brain activity of a sea slug? We are talking about a purpose-grown body, here. And a pig with green skin? Seriously, the green pig was brought up the most, and technicolor pigs just don't scare me.The writing style in this book was...different. It was told in a very stream-of-consciousness way. I think with a little more tweaking, it could have been a lot of fun, but it was too unsettled for me to really get into it. Felt sort of like one of those 'extremes' you swing to before setting on a happy medium. And I could have enjoyed it anyway, if only the story had held up. What started as a really good, original idea got lost in insta-love and scientist hate and far, far, far too much dithering about how cute everyone is.And...the cursing. There wasn't a lot of cursing in this book, but...well...It's all directed at the women. The characters are all very free with the word ‘bitch.’ Everyone is a bitch. They are bitches multiple times, in a variety of situations. They’re also sluts. Bitches and sluts, this book is full of them.And what do the men get called? What curse words does this champion of harsh speech level at his male characters? Are they also bitches, or bastards, or sons-of-bitches, or shitheads, or dickcheeses? Nope. There is exactly one curse leveled at a male character — “asshole,” which is relatively mild — and it comes only when he’s got a gun pointed at a main character.Women are bitches for being a bit brusque in their social interactions. Men are assholes for trying to kill you. Mr. Grant, if you really must crusade for harsh language in books, could you please do it without making women your acceptable targets in the process?