King Hall

King Hall - Scarlett Dawn A galley copy was given to me through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I might have been a little too honest.Not going to lie, I only got through one chapter. And as is only fair, I'm not going to rate it since I didn't get very far.But what a doozy of a chapter.It honestly reads like bad fanfiction. You can tell what kind of book this is right off, since it opens in a sex-ed class with the teacher informing them that 'mystics' are "naturally more endowed" than 'commoners'.Yes. It starts out with a penis joke.It then goes on to completely misunderstand the term STD, slides on over to slut-and/or-virgin shaming, points out the obvious Mean Girls, and presents the world in such a confusing jumble that I had no idea what was going on.It gets better/worse. There's four groups of 'mystics,' based on type, and each type is headed up by a 'king.' Due to some arbitrary rule, they have to instal four new kings every 22 years. They're picking teenagers. Apparently this is standard. Oh, also, this announcement of the new kings? Happening in a high school gymnasium.There is nothing about this scenario that does not scream "self-insert wish-fulfillment." Not to say that I think that the author based Lily off herself, but the scenario some high schooler at an assembly coming up with random fantasies about what could be happening that would be cooler. There's nothing about this that feels like it makes sense as a world; it's just there to put cool kids in a high school together and call them kings and such.But the kicker? Every new king-to-be that got introduced was given at least a paragraph of physical description, including their outfits which are of course oh-so-trendy. No suits for these future world leaders, no, they've got the hip fashion sense!Yeah, I can tell what kind of book this is going to be from the first chapter, and it's not for me. Which is a shame, because I was really excited to see some fantasy New Adult. Too bad it's just Young Adult with the numbers changed. I got a really strong House of Night vibe from it.