Circuits of the wind Vol. 1: A legend of the net Age

Circuits of the Wind: A Legend of the Net Age - Michael Stutz I got this novel as part of a FirstReads Giveaway. I'm two pages into this train wreck and I can already tell you what the biggest problem is. There are far, far too many useless words. They clutter up the text to the point you can hardly tell what's going on. It's just a sea of unconnected turns-of-phrase that never come together to make a cohesive whole. I'm as big a fan of lyrical prose as the next reader, but it still has to make some fucking sense.More to the point, nearly every paragraph is a single sentence. And that's not to say that the paragraphs are that short. No, the sentences are that long.It's a mess and I'm not sure I'll finish it.