Capital Girls (Capital Girls Series #1)

Capital Girls - Ella Monroe I was surprised at the amount of hatred in this book. Because of what it is, I could ignore the brand-name dropping and the rich girl escapism, but all the characters in this book are MEAN. Right from the very start, they say the most horrible things about each other, their parents, complete strangers. They praise their friend for committing petty acts of 'revenge' and think of a new girl as a 'bitch' just because of how she dresses. Everyone is a stark stereotype, cliched as hell, and has no redeeming qualities. The author tries to throw in some politics, but she treads the two main political parties like Capulets and Montegues, groups that would rather shoot each other on sight than be seen having tea together. There's no amount of subtlety or tact anywhere in this book.On top of that, this book celebrates delinquent behavior such as underage drinking and smoking, promotes vindictive attitudes and gossip, and can't do wit. The first chapter is a textbook case of why teenagers shouldn't date adults, but it's presented apologetically as if the relationship is good and true, not an older man sneaking the pants off a 17 year old. The whole thing is just supremely uncomfortable. But, at least the technical aspect of the writing is decent. I didn't find any sentences that made me hurt, like in so many other books aimed at this age group.