Fire and Hemlock

Fire and Hemlock - Diana Wynne Jones As much as I love Ms. Jones, I could not get into this book. It promised me a protagonist with two sets of memories. Instead I got a teenager sitting down one day and recounting her childhood as if it was full of details that she'd merely not thought of in a while, not a completely new set. There was no sense of confusion or of two memory sets meshing. It was just straight-up 200 pages of backstory. And a dull backstory at first. A 9 year old gets a crush on an older man, and together they come up with an imaginary story and make up quirky details about their characters. Dull. Boring. Not engaging at all. Sure, I'm guessing that this story they invent eventually parallels reality, but when 'eventually' takes 200 pages, you've lost me as a reader. There's no sense of fantasy or wonder or TENSION. There's no plot! It's just a 9 year old and her creepy adult male friend. Bleh.